emotions of death

From darkness to light~~
And a surgeon’s knife
Slapped by the doctor….hung upside down
Bloodied,shrieking,red in the face

Shaken to the very depths of the core
The first wail,a wrinkled face
Grey amno in the head…a bloodied body
in a booby trap…thoughts of a genius
screams of lunatic…death of coherent thought**

ouch!there goes the umbilical chord
Hanging on to the threads of sanity streaming
my corpuscles,
thrown into an insane,chaotic world
into a delirium of volatile cogitation

a dark abyss of sleeplessness
conception of conscious perception
A sudden prick,a feel of pinch from syringe
A buckshot…..

Demoralizing optimistic threads of tumultous deliberations
liquidify silver streaming through the frontiers
of the brain,spattering a
potential surge,unable to dyke
this outburst,a sense of alienation.


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