My being is broken and fragmented
Into a thousand conscious pieces.
Each breathing its own troubled breath.
Gasping on inadequate oxygen,
Given to it by the fragmented whole.
My shrink may call it a nervous breakdown.
But for me it is a depression,
Of the highest,of the deepest
Whose roots know not the whole
Feel not the whole.
The thousand grey cells vibrate
In its own individual frequency
The buzz is a pandemonium
No synchronicity in its movement
Thought processes of a hundred different reactions.
Thus a hundred numerous equations
That cannot be equated to an ultimate reason
Floundering, groping for a rational return.


13 thoughts on “retrogation

  1. The feeling of G-d, for when He gave us life, he gave each of us a Divine spark. Therefore, treasure it, cherish it, and don’t let the flame die out, because they live apart from the whole, as well. Each piece is an integral and important part of the entire whole. Do you see?

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