A golden star coruscates
      from a turquoise blue sky
      sparkling on lush green meadows
      where birds, bees delight

      on blossoms, fragrant and bright.
      the breeze spins a symphony
      with birds fluttering with glee
      and as dusk descends

      the sun daub’s elysium
      with shades of pink, stars appear
      glittering near crescent moon
      in welkin velvet.


      25 thoughts on “sublime

      1. I had to look up two words!! I thought I knew the English language pretty well but…Welkin is a new word to me. And coruscate is one of those words I think I know, but never use, then suddenly realise.. uh… do I really know what it means! Now I do. Thanks! You liked a poem of mine, thanks for that. So I look at your stuff & enjoy. Think I follow… kind wishes, tony

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