once upon a night, I dreamed
a dream that I often thought
went beyond of what I deemed
would come true, but came to naught.

an uneasy slumber gave
no reprieve, as I tossed, turned
to drowse I did badly crave
eyelids flickered open, yearned

for bliss of oblivion
attained in night’s dormancy
a quiescent soul shaken
by somnolent truancy.


Rosebuds in my garden were in a gloom
They said “autumn will not let us bloom”
Birds and bees will go to sleep
All we’ll be doing is counting sheep
‘n’ watching nature come undone in ginger costume

A Path Still Taken

I walk down the path towards a horizon that seems far away
I walk the miles with an optimism that won’t betray.

In the lengthening shadows of the trees, I look for you
Desperately seeking your presence, if you only knew.

I feel you in my soul, I see you in my mind’s eye
I whisper your name, hoping the wind will carry my cry.

Walking alone, looking up at the stars in the sky
A lonely sojourn and a yearning I cannot deny.

Sometimes I look behind, hoping to find you
Darkness stares back at me, an emptiness I rue.

My feet will not carry me forever
Tired in body, my spirit will still endeavor.

Restless I go off to sleep, to welcome another day
Dreaming dreams that will let my fears outplay.

upon a bed of petals

sunshine caresses the bed of petals
glistening pearly petals as dew settles
tinging the gaze with brilliant colors
enfolding senses in blossom showers.

exquisitively soft, these fragrant pleats
wafting down with the breeze gently completes
embracing earth to make pigmented weave
settling delicately as wind takes leave.

an ambrosial zephyr flirts boldly
interwined flushed petals blush daintily
as, golden, rusty, leaves of autumn swing
enwrapping, as petals snuggle to cling.

autumn strain

I set off on one of my dreams
Under sunlight’s pale golden beams
Meandering tawny meadows
Looking for harvest gold rainbows
Reflections in gurgling brooks, streams.

Trees preparing to bare their soul
Cascading leaves russet, brown fold
To lay down a carpet of gold
A nip in the air warmness stole
Nature hibernates as I stroll.

your smile

In my mind’s eye,I see
your face that is etched so
vividly in my heart
filling me up with a
yearning to belong to
you for eternity.

Even with eyes closed,
even in slumber,
subconsciously my
innermost thoughts are
only about you.

you enchanted,
and enraptured
me with your charm.

I am drawn
towards you

by that
smile of


My One Square Meal

Like murdrum,seities are lost
Pullup of life,struggle to live
Denned life of misfortune
Income I eke,meagre paycheck
Survive I everyday
On succus,water and bread loaf
I search in my pocket for halalah
Forever thirsty and hungry
Hungry and thirsty forever
For halalah in my pocket I search
Everyday I survive
On loaf bread,water and succus
Paycheck meagre,eke I income
Misfortune of life denned
Live to struggle life of pullup
Lost are seities murdrum like….

palindrome words used:


Deep in my heart,a yearning
Like a fire that keeps burning
My soul’s rousing
A sweet obsession warming
Giving life a new dawning
Emotions so compelling
Leaving me agonizing
For a bonding
That hearts have been courting
Chimerical besotting
A tender glance
days and nights filling
A reverie spent flying
A cupid’s prance
To dizzying heights sending
love’s rites end reasoning.
tender romance
Brimming with pure radiance
Taking a pledge of substance
A climaxing
Of two spirits in vibrance
Souls singing in resonance
Sensibilities enhance
An unrestrained stimulance
A blossoming.

fading dreams

I blow my dreams high into the sky
and watch the clouds melt and cry.

Drenching me in warm nostagia
Filling senses with scent of azalea.

The sky is blue as the clouds clear
Wind carries fragrance of memories dear.

The breeze brings to me whispers of my dream
Lost forever in reality’s schemes.

Birds float in the air as if on a high
In a space of my own, I too can fly.

Finally free, I no longer yearn, nor seek
Across the emerald, I joyfully streak.