Can’t thank you all enough

Dear people who have been so kind to me here,

Thank you to everyone here on WordPress who have liked my posts, followed my writings , shown appreciation and support, I am overwhelmed with all the support and am moved to tears , can’t help it , we poets are basically emotionally charged lot and it all spills on paper. 

Reading all the fantastic work here has been so inspiring. I can connect with all that I read. Honest and appealing to the spirit and soul. 

Finally I have come home. Thank you all . I am so grateful to all of you . 

My nesting place, my sounding board. Thank you WordPress. 

47 thoughts on “Can’t thank you all enough

  1. Lovely sentiment 😌 I find myself posting in the same vein…it is truly amazing how many talented and wonderfully supportive people find their way into the world of WordPress!

    A beautiful post, dear…and thank you for visiting The Old Fossil Writes!

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  2. This really is a great community once you filter out the folks who are not serious about truly expressing themselves in their blogs. To be honest, I spend more time every day reading the words of others than I spend working on my own writing. It’s just such a pleasure getting to know people who have a gift for expressing themselves, such as you do on your blog…

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  3. Your poetry is both intricate and delightful, an epitome of art and good taste. I feel very fortunate that you have decided to grace the world with your wondrous words. May I suggest that you compile your works and photographs into a poetry book to pass onto posterity.

    Furthermore, thank you very much for your interest in my blog.

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