accepting life

I thread my way through life’s alleys
maneuvering the narrow streets,gullies.
Hanging on to the thread of sanity
shaking unwanted thoughts of vanity.
I thread my life with strings that tug at my heart
and through life’s alleys stumbling,often losing my
Often maneuvering the claustrophobic pathways.
Many events narrow dangerously,almost pushing me
broad boulevards into small streets congested.
Even nature seems to impede with
gullies choked with face less humanity.
Hanging on to the thread of coherent logic
letting the seams of sanity to close the abyss,
Shaking unwanted thoughts of satirical intensity
of doomed self confidence,I let go of
vanity and forgotten is self reproach.

Scented Rain

Carrying blossoms scent
On wet arms
A moist current
Bedewing floral brooks
Gurgling, gushing aqua
An ambrosial shower
Deliquescing, delighting senses
A redolent zephyr
Rubbing tree tops
Curling wrinkled leaves
Wafting through chimneys
Carrying savory odors
Tingling, reawakening yearnings
Drenching and enveloping
Charging the atmosphere
With sparkling, virgin crystals
Dewy and dancing gleefully
Carried by the breeze
Tumbling through shrubbery
cascading through soil
As water swishes
A cooling mist rises
Enfolding the landscape
In a glistening mantle
Of gleaming greenery.


Writing to discover lost self esteem
A passion running in my bloodstream.

Breaking free from the clutter of the mind
Rimes from a heart that has pined.

Writing is my heart’s convalescence
A soothing balm on my quintessence.

Emotions on a paper designed
In each syllable, sentiments entwined.

Eloquence from a soul impassioned
Perfectly aligned lines fashioned.

Poetry has honed my senses
Letting me shed false pretenses.

Visual of a soul painted like a rembrandt
Soothed by tranquility of a descant.

Evoking the aesthetics of euphony
My spirit styled with poesy’s symphony.

Midnight Pearl

Lacing the pre-dawn darkness
With infinite chastity and purity
Snuggling on a bed of morbid starkness
White orbs sparkling with clarity.

Straddling the day and the night
In the darkness of the prevailing gloom
“Teardrops of the moon” in flight
Dispelling dismal woes to doom.

In the dusky dimness an iridescent glow
Translucent moment held in transition
Of a dividing time that lets luster to flow
From a cabbalistic force to lucid ambition.

A fine balance between what was and what is to come
Dark strokes in the sky and dawn’s pearly lightsome.

A Garden Of Solace

A place where butterflies, birds and bees
Hang out among the flowers and the trees.
Perfume of blossoms invade senses
Redolent breeze fragrance dispenses.

Squirrels, rabbits, scurry in the glen,
frolicking in this flowery den,
sipping dew, cracking nuts, nibbling leaves
overhead, branches, green crochet weaves.

Scentless velvety Kangaroo Paw
Lesser Celandine’s heart shaped leaves draw
gasps, as Tiger Lily rears its head
Wax flowers’ delicate aroma spread.

Welcome to my private sanctuary
Find solace in nature’s pageantry.


A gift of life bestowed, the conscience of my essence.
The entity that is me, my purpose is defined
But the intellect confines… reasoning holds sway
To rationalize and comprehend
The execution of free will and thought
To live for the span given
The life that details the actions
To be sought and carried out
In humanity’s name
Letting clouds vaporize my dreams
That make a puddle at my feet
That the life that I live is not my own
It has been bestowed on me
For the continuation of all that is good
For the love of God
For God is love and love is the very essence of life

feeling the beginning

I sleep looking at the stars in the sky
And wake up with the dawn in my eyes.
Birds awaken me,singing my dreams
Fluttering wings springing through sunbeams.

Tinges of pink brush the sky’s edge
As the sun appears at the horizon’s ledge.
A blushing sky then turns pale white
Phenomenon of dawn,a poetic delight.

Flowering buds bloom in greeting to a new day
A breeze rocks the trees giving it a gentle sway
Dewdrops sparkle on trees,leaves
On nature’s flight,the butterflies,bees.

Into my mouth, a dewdrop I tip
Natural freshness,I inhale,sip.
I don’t want this morning to end
I feel the heat as the sun takes a bend.

bringing on the sunshine

Oh, how cold and heartless is the winter wind
The landscape under snow has been pinned.
I need the warmth of spring, I feel forlorn
The sun has gone to sleep, all careworn.
You are a season, you have to do your time
but if you go away, I wouldn’t care a dime.
It is so deathly silent all around me
The birds and the bees, I cannot see
Where are the flowers and the trees?
All snowed in and feeling the freeze.
So ease off winter, off you go
On us, the warmth of spring bestow.

I want to feel the sun’s rays, bask in its glare
Soak up the heat of a weather, so fair
Butterflies, birds and bees having their fare
As myriad flowers bloom to brighten the air.
The fragrance of winter aconite fills my senses
Frosty white bells of common snowdrops dispenses.
Clear blue skies with little tufts of cotton
Symphony of birds, one’s mood to sweeten.
A gentle breeze caresses, soothing
Embellishing, touching, new life infusing.

walking to
a beckoning blue
luring ,
reflections of my quill
spilling blue
little kerchieves
of white wreathes
on a gentle zephyr
that I ride on high
floating towards
journey’s end
soaking the blue
coming undone