give me a prayer

I wish to ride on a shooting star
and make all my dreams come true;
Give me a prayer that I can sing
A chorus for world to lose the blue.

I wish to make a prayer for peace
for all the people living;
that I can sing, give me a prayer
to bring back calmness, peace attaining.

I wish to call upon all forces,
To release all frustrations;
Give me a prayer that I can sing,
bringing peace to all generations.

I wish for mankind to live in peace
in sweet harmonious strains;
that I can sing, give me a prayer
serenading earth with rainbow stains.

23 thoughts on “give me a prayer

  1. that is so amazing. just the other day i was thinking how the pictures i take are a prayer for the world. at least it feels that way. beautiful poem that expresses the desires. it’s like i can’t even think of the words and need them to be given to me. give me a prayer. how wonderful. Thank you.

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      1. i believe appreciation of what is good and beautiful can change the world for the better. appreciation is the answer. i am glad you saw that and was moved when you said it. Thank you.

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  2. see how you cheered me up back then. this was the first poem of yours i read and as i said it really moved me as it captured how i was feeling and also my inability to change anything. i even needed to be given a prayer.

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      1. I like talking. Come to think of it, I been curious about you from the start. Ebyaniy , your name fascinated me from the start.


      2. i can’t remember now how i found you. i have checked your site most every day since then and often even get lost in the comments. you are so caring in your communications with people. very rare indeed.

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      3. yes. i have to get some sleep. Thank you for letting me take over your blog briefly. it has been a pleasure which i will be thinking about as i drift off. good night yassy.

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