tasting bliss

It will be good to wake up dead…one morning
not to feel the body, the sense, the emotions ..anymore
taste immortality
waking up..maybe ..on a harley
or on a horse, galloping, no stirrups
riding bareback,..the highway..a place
neither heaven nor hell
A rolling highway between the two
a wingless flight into some destiny..

no more the body caged within the spirit
the attempt no more, to live the earthly urges
shunned by life’s abomination
scrotched by flame of searing scorn
this freedom of not thinking at all, I cherish
no longer the thought of survival
no clamor, yearning none..

into oblivion sink relationships
the passion that consumed
tender love that sought..to bloom
struggling with circumstances
attempting to bamboozle time
with sense of reminiscence

affections tingling fantasies
fancies that simmer, like a fire
waiting to conflagrate into a bright flame..

from the sanctity of sanity
to the stirrings of inner soul
a quintessence cherished
with a passion for verve..

the confines that bind
from being a slave to “time”
the luxury of loosening
the inhibitions
the beginning of bliss~~~

2 thoughts on “tasting bliss

  1. This is awesome because humans –some cultures more than others, granted– place way too much faith and emphasis on surviving, neglecting meditation on death and how liberating it can/will be. Thanks for taking us there.

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