earful of wall

It’s not like I am eves dropping or something
Just that I always happen to be at the scene
I could bring the house down, but that would be mean
Its just that I have ears but no eyes for tears
I don’t like the part of me that’s human, the ears
If I could talk my heart out, I would be blabbing
Squealing on people, letting myself go a-leaking
Scandalizing the world, spilling secrets, no doubt
Putting dirty linen in public, to dry out
They would find me on twitter, tweaking
Remember Wikileaks, where journalists went seeking
I could be putting my money where my wall is
That would not be looking good for people, so please
Its already bad when someone bangs his head on me
I get all cracked up and achy
This world could do without a lot of walls
Sans boundaries, barriers, I can hear cries for peace calls!


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