golden dream clouds

Sun’s tangerine caress melts blanched crystal
As dewy, ivory showers on landscape
Sparkling golden rays warming earth’s pixel
Refreshing steamy mist flows from skyscape
Aurum radiance from firmament escape.

I sit pipe dreaming with head in the clouds
Wool gathering betwixt frosted pearl wisps
Glimpse silver lining thunderhead endows.
My cloud nine bursts into a pot of gold
As my dreams take me to the rainbow’s fold.

6 thoughts on “golden dream clouds

  1. i guess i missed some of you poems or forgot to like them. i am pretty sure i have been reading you constantly. i recognize most of them. some are rather dark. i am not complaining. i feel that way often myself. but i can use all the cheering up i can get most of the time so i like your bright ones best. hope you don’t mind.

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