Writing to discover lost self esteem
A passion running in my bloodstream.

Breaking free from the clutter of the mind
Rimes from a heart that has pined.

Writing is my heart’s convalescence
A soothing balm on my quintessence.

Emotions on a paper designed
In each syllable, sentiments entwined.

Eloquence from a soul impassioned
Perfectly aligned lines fashioned.

Poetry has honed my senses
Letting me shed false pretenses.

Visual of a soul painted like a rembrandt
Soothed by tranquility of a descant.

Evoking the aesthetics of euphony
My spirit styled with poesy’s symphony.

16 thoughts on “heartbound

  1. Poetry is a language onto itself. Like a poacher, it trespasses onto the rugged face of language and takes words for its heartbound pleasure.

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