bringing on the sunshine

Oh, how cold and heartless is the winter wind
The landscape under snow has been pinned.
I need the warmth of spring, I feel forlorn
The sun has gone to sleep, all careworn.
You are a season, you have to do your time
but if you go away, I wouldn’t care a dime.
It is so deathly silent all around me
The birds and the bees, I cannot see
Where are the flowers and the trees?
All snowed in and feeling the freeze.
So ease off winter, off you go
On us, the warmth of spring bestow.

I want to feel the sun’s rays, bask in its glare
Soak up the heat of a weather, so fair
Butterflies, birds and bees having their fare
As myriad flowers bloom to brighten the air.
The fragrance of winter aconite fills my senses
Frosty white bells of common snowdrops dispenses.
Clear blue skies with little tufts of cotton
Symphony of birds, one’s mood to sweeten.
A gentle breeze caresses, soothing
Embellishing, touching, new life infusing.

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