On the porch steps do i drowse
Feeling the sting of a slight summer drizzle.
I hear the wind sighing in the trees if telling me of a premonition..
A summer storm is approaching
Thunder is rolling far off
And memories come flooding back.
Sweet memories,memories of days
Filled with laughter and joy,
Bittersweet memories of the pain of parting.
Is it really safe to trudge down memory lane
See the familiar signs and lamposts flash by
Recall a familiar face,an old friend now gone.
Nothing has changed,but inside me,I am different.
Wondering when i was really alive,every nerve.
There is a tear on my lashes.
This is not nature,this is fate playing vividly
But passing away almost before you realize its gone.
will this never fade from my memory?

Yasmin khan

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