Time’s Spell

  • transparent, transculent,I flow like
    Water in deep sea,
    I flow with time, abiding, breathing
  • in the vastness of infinity
  • i flow, with the flow of time and tide
  • psychedelic, living in the monotony
  • of mindless decadence, repressed, yet,
  • in the involuntary movement of humdrum
  • chores, a chaos of innate dreams, myriad
  • cascades…
  • i flow with time, letting the sublimal 
  • lull my intuitive heart
  • into believing..
  • destiny sculpts the fore, intrinsic.
  • time edges me into balancing
  • my psyche, an incomprehensive
  • manifestation, degenerating into 
  • spasms of cacophonic inevitability..
  • the pendulum slides with a mundane clack
  • a pulsating ticking, like adrenaline..
  • rushing, racing, pumping, a nemesis
  • carrying a spell..

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